Supplier Relations Representative

Full time
experience based
LocationAnywhere Calendar06/07/2022   Full time experience based

Job Description: 

Our Corporate Customer Order Processing team is currently hiring a workforce for the internship position of Supplier Relations representative with the perspective of further promotion. The contract is meant to start in September and it includes paid training.

Joining our team will allow you to provide creative solutions for efficient order processing, contribute to the company’s corporate success and have wide opportunities for self-development.
Working as a part of our Customer Order Processing team implies direct cooperation with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate deliveries to 200+ countries, overseeing and managing the company's overall supply chain, developing and maintaining good relationships with vendors and performing other associated tasks. Our multi-national team staff works in an employee-friendly and motivating environment.
English is used as the main language for communication with suppliers and within the team.


Job Responsibilities:

 -Supervise the processing of customer orders;

- Coordinate timely deliveries while maintaining delivery expectations and schedules;

- Manage order delivery status and scheduling updates;

- Interact with vendors to ensure adequate communication regarding goal setting, performance, workflow guidelines, and other vendor-related responsibilities;

- Develop and maintain positive vendor relations to ensure superior customer satisfaction;

-Source new vendors to perform required services;

-Resolve or escalate all disputes or unsatisfied service confirmations;

-Provide creative solutions to meet clients’ needs and maximize value;

-Contribute to special projects and continuous improvement initiatives;

-Collaborate with all company departments;

 -Foster a positive team environment;

- Ensure the confidentiality of internal and external data.


Job Requirements:

  • Excellent organization, planning, and multi-tasking skills;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  •  Fluent in English and Russian;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Problem-solving skills & patience;
  • Attention to details;
  • Ability to work with large amounts of information;
  • Team player attitude;
  • Schedule flexibility. Overtime and weekend shifts take place during the busiest times of the season;
  • Proficient in using PC and ability to use your PC/laptop in work with a stable Internet connection;
  • Negotiation skills are highly appreciated.


Job Conditions:

  • Remote work;
  • Full-time position;
  • Overtime paid at a higher rate;
  • Friendly and committed colleagues;
  • Competitive salary and excellent benefits, your financial rewards will correlate to your performance;
  • Opportunity to be considered for a permanent position.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, have the skills listed above and a passion for this type of work, please, fill out our Application form.

We will be happy to get to know you!